Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kathryn Marshall Demoted At Ethical Oil

 The New head-shills for EO are Jordan Graham and Jamie Ellerton.  Jamie is an ex-Kenney aide who also did time with Tim Hudak.  So behind the scenes puppet master Ezra Levant is keeping things all in the Tory family.   Jordan served as city councillor in Fredericton, New Brunswick and describes himself as a Libertarian.  Oh my!

Kathryn will apparently still blog for the astro-turf group on an occasional, but I suspect after her famous on-air meltdown we won't be seeing her on tv as much.  Alas, the world has become a little less blonde.

Goodbye, Kathryn, goodbye!

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Terrence said...

Excellent. Even as a tool for the oil lobby, she was embarrassing.