Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Polls Starting To Move On Long-Gun Registry?

Even when the ROC was tilting towards abandoning the registry, Quebec was always strongly pro. This latest survey, though puts support at a huge 74%. Be interesting, now that some of the organizations invested in the registry have started to take their case to the public, whether support in the rest of Canada hasn't begun to shift as well. Might explain some of the recent NDP maneuvering.


CK said...

Good to hear.

Gallahad said...

It will be interesting to see what Jack Layton, and the NDP actually do.

It is heartening to see that Jack Layton, actually has to take some responsibility for something.

To me Jack Layton represents, the worst that politics has to offer. He constantly carps about everything, safe in the knowledge he has to take responsibility for nothing.

If this LGR, does managed to get killed, we can add it to the list of all of Layton's other accomplishments.

Yes Layton, has some accomplishments, and they are all the same as Harper's accomplishments.

I almost wish that Stephen Harper, did have that majority, because when he started to dismantle, all of Canada's social safety net, amongst other things, then maybe the NDP, voters in this country would finally start to realize who their real enemy is.

Jack Layton, and the NDP, have inflicted as much damage on this nation, as they can, they cannot possibly do any more.

Let Thomas Mulcair try and explain himself in Outremont, if the registry does get killed, because that is where Poly technique, is. The sight of the massacre, of the female students.

I equate Layton, and Harper as being on the same level. Both unprincipled pricks.

Tof KW said...

I equate Layton, and Harper as being on the same level. Both unprincipled pricks.

They are both populist, opportunistic, political hacks ...'nuff said.

Terence said...

Gallahad, I've even called Layton unprincipled to his face. He just smiled and walked away.

He is an unprincipled prick and you are correct about the damage he has done.

R. G. Harvie said...

Personally.. I'm getting rather tired of the whole issue.

I don't own a gun.

I don't plan on owning a gun.

While I think the registry is a waste of money and hasn't demonstrated any benefit to society, there are certainly more pressing issues to worry about and bigger wastes of money to target (Universal Child Care, Fake Lakes, etc., etc.).

So much of what dominates political discussion, really, means so little.

And so much that means so much, gets no discussion at all.. ie) re-tooling health care to get ready for the massive demographic shift on the horizon.

R. G. Harvie said...

And here is something to ponder.

The biggest bang for the buck in reducing violent crime would be to concentrate on the source of that crime - which is connecting with young children in a meaningful way to prevent them being subjected to violence by their families and their pears - which in turn becomes a learned behavior.

But why, one asks, does the Liberal Party, the Conservative Party and, for that matter, the NDP Party refuse to engage in that sort of discussion?

Because it won't buy votes.

"Controlling guns" appeals greatly to urbanites.

"Minimum sentences" appeals greatly to ruralites.

Dealing with the problem effectively is too boring and complex to capture either vote..

And it's all about the votes.

Witness Alberta - the Alberta governemnt has been embarking on a "safe community" project for some time, joining schools, social services, and police in tackling youth crime in particular.. and it's a snooze-fest at the ballot box.

Sometimes we get what we deserve - which is often not much of anything.

R. G. Harvie said...


Tof KW said...

I dunno Rob, you've just uncovered a bigger problem with our current political scene than won't be improved upon for some time to come least until someone can win a majority. The better fix would be if all three parties could dump their leaders at the same time. Imagine if Harper could be replaced with Bernard Lord, Iggy with Frank McKenna, and Layton for Paul Dewar. Then my friends, we would return to witnessing some serious productive debates in Ottawa again.

R. G. Harvie said...

I think you make a good point.

When the hold on government is so tenuous, it really discourages bold thinking beyond "appeasing the masses".

Whether it's a government tenuously holding onto power, or the opposition who is so close to power they can taste it - the tendency is to govern based upon pure politics.

It's not a recipe for good government.

Imagine this, however, a coalition of the Liberals and the Conservatives... hohoho.. we would be an unstoppable juggernaut.. all others would tremble in our shadow..

Yes.. that's the ticket.

No worries about not getting elected, and government is based simply upon accomodation between the slightly left and slightly right about what's best for the country.

But who would lead such a ground-breaking movement?

Who indeed?

What? Who.. me?!?

Well.. if only for the welfare of my country.