Sunday, September 27, 2009

What Are The London Teabaggers Hiding?

Since yesterday, their guest list has disappeared from the facebook page: Given that Shaidle is the main draw, I can see how attendees, especially ones who might have ambitions to elected office, might not want to have their presence at the event made known.

On the other hand, given how many high-profile Conservatives have decided to bathe their pet hamster that day, maybe that's what they're trying to cover-up.


sassy said...

Could be the numbers as much as they names that are being protected (welcome to bring friends) - means that if all 24 from yesterday's count bring 100 friends, they can report that 2,400 attended.

Ti-Guy said...

It's fascinating watching these bozos honk, burble and chirp at each on the Facebook Wall:

Illiterate wingnut:

Time for the people to stand up and say NO!!! We are not servants..... We elect servants upon election day to serve the people, for the people... We vote and we are in charge. The beuracrats should be seving us. Please read Locke, Hobbes and most importantllt Paine....Common Sense. We are born free peoples, not slaves......

BTW - Kathy Shaidle is my Candian Hero!!!!


Wit and knowledge, I'll cop to. Ever-charming? Ha, ask my hubby :-)


Robert McClelland said...

I'm considering attending this little gripefest in order to solicit donations from the crowd to pay for any security provided by the taxpayers of London. How well do you think that will go over with the teabaggers.

Ti-Guy said...

You live in London...Do something...before it spreads.

At least record the thing from a critical perspective.

I'm just kidding. I bet that above all, the whole event will be crashingly boring.

RuralSandi said...

I would think that anyone who valued their friends wouldn't take them to a hatefest like this.

Dinner, a show perhaps.

Lakish said...

Can someone remind me again , who is this Shaidle woman? Does she have anything to do with Blazingcatfur? Was she the one who had a blog that ran some posts quite a few considered racist?

bigcitylib said...


Yeah, a few instances through this link. For more just search Shaidle on this blog.

Ti-Guy said...

Does she have anything to do with Blazingcatfur?

From the looks of it, no. Or if yes, nothing I'd actually care to imagine right now.

"Blazingcatfur" is Kathy Shaidle's civil marriage partner, Arnie Lemaire