Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Warman V. Lemire: Appeal Decision Today?

An email from CHRC lawyer Daniel Poulin, addressed to Doug Christie, and reproduced at FreeDominion:


Date: September 29, 2009 1:11:57 PM PDT (CA)

To: , ,

Subject: Re: Abrams and BBC v. Topham and Radical Press

Mr Christie,

Thank you for your correspondence of today. I fully understand the situation you are in about keeping these dates open since I am exactly in the same position. It would be surprising that I could be 'inconsiderate' towards myself (if your comment was directed at myself or the Commission of course - which is very likely since you refer to a government salary).

It is my intention to provide the Commission's position by tomorrow.

Daniel Poulin
Legal Counsel
Canadian Human Rights Commission

'Doug Christie Law Office' 9/29/2009 :40:23 PM
Canadian Free Speech League
P.O. Box 101, 255 Menzies Street
Victoria, B.C. V8V 2G6
Fax: 250-479-3294 Tel: 250-888-3410

Mr. Poulin was asked to comment on the status of the Abrams and BBC v. Topham and Radical Press case, which is the last (I think) section 13 case in the CHRC pipeline, in light of Warman v. Lemire. The date on the email is yesterday, so I presume we will be hearing his response sometime today.

I suspect the CHRC will appeal, but we shall see.


Mitka said...

I have read this and re-read this...I am not sure it is what you think. This read more to the Commission providing a position on a case that Christie is dealing with and not the Warmen/Lemire issue.

bigcitylib said...

You're right, but if you click through and read the whole exchange, Christie is asking that Poulin respond re Abrams v. Topham s 13 complaint in light of Lemire v. Warman s13 complaint (specifically the Hadjis decision), which Poulin says he will do today. I am assuming Poulin will respond today because he will know what the CHRC position re. Lemire v. Warman is today.

I may be wrong...

Mitka said...

You maybe right...more importantly the response will kinda telegraph where the CHRC thinking is regarding Lemire.