Sunday, September 20, 2009

WAP Leadership Wannabe Endorsed By Rural Separatist

Mark Dyrholm is one of the two candidates left in the race for leader of the upstart Wildrose Alliance Party, who may or may not be set to upend politics as usual in Alberta. I have noted his ties to Western Separatist organizations here and elsewhere.

Randy Hillier is an Ontario MPP in Tim Hudak's PCPO opposition, and one-time leadership Candidate for the PCPO. He has advocated in the past that rural Ontario should secede from the urban South. He also has a thing for creepy red suspenders. Now these two......are together at last.

I doubt I have many Alberta readers in the 1st place, and far be it for me to advise any WAP supporters on who their leader should be, but for gawd sake pick the blonde chick.

h/t WS.


Jesse said...

I have been following this race closely, and I have to say that Dyrholm has always came off as your typical slimy crudball politician. Smith on the other hand, seems like a very genuine and intelligent candidate. I have talked to many people out here that supported the PC party who would be willing to switch if Smith wins the WAP leadership.

I am a Liberal supporter federally, and the last candidate I would ever support would be anyone with separatist ties. Smith has proven in the WAP leadership debates that she is very well informed and capable. She would steer the fringe elements of the party away from separatism and hardcore social conservative policies, and towards responsible government.

The Alberta Liberals are too blind and incompetent to ever be a serious threat to the PCs, so I hope Danielle will end up leading the WAP. Then maybe one day the Alberta Liberals will rename and rebrand the party and form an effective opposition... leaving the PC party to rot in the history books. can dream.

Patrick Ross said...

Hillier's endorsement is fairly intriguing, particularly as he's being tight lipped on that ever-prescient of questions:


When an individual carries as much baggage as Hillier does, I tend to wonder what their motivations are.

My suspicion is that Hillier may be promoting his "abolish the HRC" idea in Alberta and that Dyrholm -- who has been ambiguous regarding his stance on the HRC issue -- may be the more receptive candidate to his ideas.