Wednesday, September 23, 2009

He'll Be Eating Donuts, Thank You

Harper Denounces Iranian President's 'repugnant' views from behind a Tim's counter.

Probably clever as a populist stunt, but a stunt nevertheless.

Although, if you listen to Fife here, regarding Harper's itinerary yesterday at the U.N. summit on climate change, you will note that he skipped all the hard stuff but showed up for dinner.

There's a theme running through these events.


Ti-Guy said...

"Harper then went on to illustrate vividly just how repugnant Ahmadinejad's views were with the aid of a Strawberry Bloom and a microwave."

mystereeoso said...

Is that a donut case teleprompter?

Mark Francis said...

Shhhh!: Harper's donut shop bills are being written off on the taxpayer's dime as part of the Economic Action Plan.

Can we start tracking his waist size more closely? Perhaps a web site featuring 40-odd photos of his paunch?

Prairie Kid said...

And a Liberal government would immediately send a delegation to Iran to form closer ties with them.

It's pretty pathetic when you pan the venue instead of the message.

And please tell me what the Liberal's policy is pertaining to Iran?

Ti-Guy said...

Harper's behaviour really has been mystifying and erratic in the last few days.

The only sense I can see is that it seems to be playing well with the base (moral clarity, bitches!) and perhaps the margin of swing voters (the slightly less stupid), from what I can tell from online assholes, in any case.

Since I don't know anyone who admits to voting Conservative (except for my Tory father-in-law), I really can't say for sure. I suppose we'll have to wait for the next Ipsos-Reid poll, in which the question is posed: "Given how marvellous and principled Harper has acted in the last while, thus putting Canada once again on the World Stage, if an election were held today, who would you vote for?"

Ti-Guy said...

And please tell me what the Liberal's policy is pertaining to Iran?

What's Harper's position on the recent UN finding of war crimes committed by Israel during the savaging of Gaza earlier this year?

Mark Francis said...

@Prairie Kid

Here's a start:

"In June, Liberal MP and Special Counsel on Human Rights & International Justice Irwin Cotler introduced Bill C-412, the Iran Accountability Act, which our party has endorsed. Professor Cotler’s global Responsibility to Prevent petition against the Iranian leadership, which we also endorse, was signed by 60 leading genocide scholars and survivors on the 60th anniversary of the Genocide Convention, including former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and Canadian Supreme Court justice Louise Arbour.

For months, we have been pushing the Harper government to join us in this condemnation, yet they have been silent. Where Liberals have been leading by example, Mr. Harper hasn’t been leading at all.

Nor does today’s boycott of one speech excuse the Prime Minister’s absence from a special meeting of world leaders at the United Nations today.

While the rest of the world gathers to confront the global challenges of nuclear proliferation, respect for human rights, and climate change, Mr. Harper has silenced Canada’s voice on the world stage.

I continue to strongly urge this government to endorse Mr. Cotler’s Bill in Canada and his international petition that seeks to hold the Iranian leadership to account. Actions speak louder than words, Mr. Harper."

-- Ignatieff

roblaw said...

Let's be honest.

The U.N. is, for all useful purposes, a dead animal.

Anyone cozying up to the U.N., and seeking to obtain moral guidance from them might as well get cozy with the Taliban.. and while that might have a certain appeal to Jack Layton, to the rest of Canadians, well.. not so much.

CanadianSense said...

I was really impressed by the 5 protestors outside demanding Harper stay in New York and watch speeches.

Those Liberals were very lucky no one asked them about an alternative policy.

We know how that worked out last year.

In the seven months we have seen the Liberal website remove any hint of any policy.

Please link the Green Shift Policy replacement.


roblaw said...


We hereby denounce the terrorist activities of Al Quaeda.

Signed, Michael Ignatieff

..seems to me like he, himself, suggested that this sort of herbivorian effort would not be effectual, however, if he now thinks this is the answer to dealing with terrorists and despots, well, I'm all for adding my name to the list.

Tof KW said...

Have another doughnut Harper.

And the Reformatories actually believe Harper has heightened Canada's presence on the world stage. Cripes, Ahmadinejad just one upped us, if only by actually showing up for the speeches at the UN. Meanwhile Harper's swinging back the apple fritters.

Ti-Guy said...

Let's be honest...

When Righty says this, you know what will follow will be a horrendous lie.

CanadianSense said...

To be fair Iggy in 2005 was critical of Canada and Europe (Sans Britain, US)

We chose roads, hospitals etc.

He was unhappy if we have another Rwanda only the US can act because we traded away our robust peacekeeping capabilities.

Sadly in 2009 he now only blames Harper for a smaller Canada.

He was honest in 2005, today he is party leader blaming the PM.

Fred said...

Meanwhile, in the real news, Bob Rae sticks the first blade (well actually the second knife - Jean Cruton piped up yesterday) in Iggy's back. Rae's sweet revenge for being Iggy's coronation as LPC Leader, step 1 of many no doubt.

Party unity is such a wonderful thing.

"MP Bob Rae said “room must be found” for him in the party.

“Martin Cauchon was an outstanding minister of justice and has been a fighter for liberal values all his political life,” Mr. Rae said.

“If he wants to return to active political life, room must be found for him and his important beliefs and values.”

Tof KW said...

Right ...and the CPC would never go above the heads of the local riding association and parachute a stong woman candidate to beat a popular incumbent opposition MP

Anyone else notice how Reformatories always try to change the topic when they know there's no way to win the argument at hand? I'd love to hear you defend ol' Cruller-gut Harper and his principled stand against Iran whilst serving double-doubles.

Likewise Dippers, your Quebec seat is gone regardless who the Libs actually nominate. So parrot the CPC's lines all you want, because it's so telling of the new CPC+NDP coalition. Layton's support for Harper will not be ignored.

Lizt. said...

Can't say anything...the trolls are at it again defending Harper..he could at least have listened to Obama's speech on Climate change.
If Harper likes Canadian Companies,so much.. why is he selling them all?

Ti-Guy said...

Party unity is such a wonderful thing.

Liberal squabbles are to Conservatives like cocaine is to...well, Conservatives.

Only one can be snorted off Helena Guergis's ass, though.

CanadianSense said...

I don't get it, why are some Liberals blaming Harper for some riding battle in QC?

Some Lib bloggers are upset and they Con Trolls?

Bob Rae also a con-bot?

Looks like some internal strike, every party has that happen.

I don't understand what the benefit of David McGuinty, and a few local MP's attacking Harper on climate change is going to go over well.

Tim Hortons is returning to Canada, and the PM is taking advantage photo ops etc.

Why would it make sense to bring up Green Shift again?

Who are these advisors?

Tof KW said...

CanadianSense, I'm actually not a Lib partisan regardless of my little rant there, and I'm proud to say I've voted for 4 different parties in various past elections to prove it. However this is pretty pathetic that on a topic about Harper embarrassing us all yet again on the international stage, more than one poster here is trying to switch the topic to Outremont. And for what it's worth, I'm against parachute candidates rolling over local riding associations - but that's nothing compared to Canada literally being laughed at now on the international stage. I liked it better before the financial crisis when we were just plain ignored.

Fred said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ti-Guy said...

You finally deleted something from Fred?

Gee, wonder how it differed from his usual idiocy.

CanadianSense said...

Who is attacking Canada?
T of KW

I understand the Liberals want an election and will send 5-6 Liberal with Bristol boards to protest.

I don't understand how the Liberals can talk about the 4 years of inaction on the Environmental File after 13 years with Kyoto and a CBC commercial.

Who is laughing at Canada on the international stage?

Have you seen the photos of the empty seats at the UN?

Looks like Canada was right and the US, Germany followed the Canadian example.

RuralSandi said...

Oh the stupidity - Harper/Canada take the lead in walking out at the UN? Ah, give your partisan gullible heads a shake. You don't think the leaders of the other countries can decide on their own?

Unbelievable stupidity and sheep.

Harper and Timmies - duh, it's to cover up the bad judgment on other companies folks - so he promotes a junk food chain that pays minimum wages instead of helping with really good jobs, good salaries and good use of our Canadian talent - and you people fall for it.

CanadianSense said...

Rural Sandi are you suggesting people who don't make big salaries are less worthy of our respect?

Why would you mock retail, students, part time workers who are NOT able to reap the benefits of large unions membership?

Why do you insult so many people with a blanket statement?

Are those Canadians less worthy or respect because they don't meet your standards?

Gayle said...

I think CS is really the biff-troll who used to come around here before we finally scared him off.

I recognize that nonsensical rambling, one sentence paragraphs designed to say nothing.

Anyway, back on the actual topic, I suggest it was a pretty good political move for Harper. He is, after all, not really concerned about Canada's status on the world stage. It also allows him to play to the more wingnut segment of his base - the ones who believe the UN is some socialist conspiracy (recall his comments in that leaked tape a few weeks ago).

Still, it is an embarassment for the country.

Harper is really spending more time appealing to his core. I wonder why? I wonder if it has anything to do with a drop in donations?

CanadianSense said...

Gayle how do you back up your claims?

"it is an embarassment for the country?

Where did you get that nugget? Can you link that poll or report?

Angry partisans don't like other parties and leaders.

Our last election did not support your thesis your party is fit to govern.

Gayle said...

I don't respond to sock puppets.

Have a nice life biff.