Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Canoe In Deep Decline

It looks like the National Post isn't the only paper in trouble. The London Free Press, part of Quebecor's Canoe chain of newspapers, has scrapped its Sunday Edition.

Yet another media outlet that's too right-wing for Canada? Or is it something more?


Reality Bites said...

You know, BCL, if you're going to insist on doing this without any lame jokes based on the word Canoe well frankly, I'm not sure if it's worth the effort.

Come on - where's the "Canoe tipping over" or "Canoe sinking fast"?

I for one don't wish to have the Free Press go under. It keeps Salim Mansur off the streets, apparently without medication.

MgS said...

Actually, this comes as no surprise - Quebecor has already publicly stated that they are going to focus their energies on the digital media area (a growth area for them), and they are scaling back their print editions.

Ironically, at the moment, Quebecor has a (comparatively) balanced editorial/comment staff - at least in comparison with CanWest/Global.