Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Twitter Squatting

Def. grabbing up twitter IDS like in the hopes you can sell them off for a huge sum later.

From The Slashdot comments:

It's as if someone said, "You know, I like MySpace, but the blog posts there just aren't inane enough. I wish there was a site where people could quickly and easily share every minute of their boring lives with the world."

My sentiments exactly.


Saskboy said...

I'm totally going to talk about this blog post on Twitter later.

Ti-Guy said...

I swear I left a comment here earlier.

BCL, are you censoring me?

bigcitylib said...

You must have left it in another post.

Ti-Guy said...


My Intertoobz have been acting up all day...Revenge of Ted Stevens, I bet.

Too bad. It was a bit o' brilliance...For the it were.