Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sky Stones Over Guelph!

ScienceDaily (Oct. 25, 2008) — For the second time this year, The University of Western Ontario Meteor Group has captured incredibly rare video footage of a meteor falling to Earth. The team of astronomers suspects the fireball dropped meteorites in a region north of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, that may total as much as a few hundred grams in mass.

Astronomers think this are likely "stony-type meteorites", pictured top left. Of these, it is written:

Because they so closely resemble rocks, stoney Meteorites are much harder to find and are more valuable than metallic Meteorites.

Get looking people:

Associate Professor Peter Brown and Phil McCausland, a postdoctoral researcher in Planetary Science, are hoping to enlist the help of local residents in recovering one or more possible meteorites that may have crashed.

...find one and you'll have beer and pizza money for a week.


robert said...

Telling other people to get out there & look for meteorites doesn't make a person a "meteorite hunter" any more than telling people to go shoot a MOOSE & bring them the meat makes a person a "moose hunter." It just makes that person come accross as a bossy prick. Offering "HIGH" SCHOOLERS a weeks worth of BEER & REEFER as incentive for finding meteorites ALSO does NOT make the person offering the REWARD "a meteorite hunter." A REAL meteorite hunter actually gets off his ass and goes out in the field to hunt for meteorites personally. TOO MANY CHIEFS... NOT ENOUGH INDIANS!

robert said...


So, the BRAIN TRUST on the hunt for cosmic-treasure North of Guelph has resorted to offering a week's worth of beer & pizza as a REWARD for any meteorites found originating from the mid-October fireball witnessed by Orangeville residents. In the spirit of playing "arm-chair meteorite hunter" I AM HEREBY DOUBLING THAT REWARD...

Places to look... Near the Town of Belwood, especially on the East side of the road about a kilometer north of town in the rolling hills near the secret trout pond. Also, near ENNOTVILLE, PONSONBY or as far south as MARDEN.

Please, no weathered NWA SPECIMENS puchased on EBAY at 5 cents per gram, need apply. I will know the difference, immediately.

Anyone finding a suspected meteorite displaying a fresh, black fusion crust, from any of the above listed areas should feel free to contact me by email at or to collect your reward. Best regards, Robert A. Szep