Friday, October 31, 2008

Religion And Politics: U.S. Vs. Canada

Raised by Monks, once an MP for the New Democratic Party, Dennis Gruending writes Pulpit and Politics, one of my favorite Canadian Political blogs. In his latest, he offers a terrific look at the differences in how Canadians and Americans mix their religion-politics cocktail. Nothing particularly surprising, other than his observation that it has been Obama who has been engaged in the most "god talk" during this latest U.S. election cycle. But I suppose as a Dem. you have an inherent "God Deficit" to make up. I also suspect that crusty old John McCain is genuinely reticient about baring his soul for public inspection. A rather admirable trait.


maplestar said...

Are you aware of an RSS feed for his blog? I saw a link that didn't link to anything. I liked what I read, but I know I'm not likely to read regularly if I can't subscribe (which is a shame).

bigcitylib said...

No, but he does send me notices when he posts. He doesn't seem particularly internet savvy, so maybe hasn't set up a feed yet.

You can get hold of him at if you want to be notified of updates:

Ti-Guy said...

I'm not sure where he got the statistic to assert that 10% of Canadians are Evangelical Christians, but then that category is always a little messy.

It's a little scary, if accurate. Over 3 million fanatics in training?