Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More On Lib Fundraising Problems

An interesting observation from Norman Spector:

Nor is it clear that the Liberals' financial problems are organizational. Unless you're a lawyer who wants to become a judge, why would you send them your hard-earned money instead of contributing to principled parties such as the NDP and Greens?

In other words, once you gave money to the Liberal Party--not because of their platform, which was malleable--because it seemed inevitable that they would win. Since that no longer appears to be the case, what exactly is your donation buying you?

A warning to those who might take the party to the mushy middle. There's gotta be some "there" there.


Gayle said...

That is interesting.

I donate to the LPC because they are the only party that can defeat Harper. The reason I hesitate in donating to them are the many stories about backstabbing. I suggest the bigger issue is the fact the party seems intent on defeating itself. I am not interested in funding another leadership contest. I will donate again once a new leader is chosen.

Spector is a hack.

Canadian Hegemon said...

Agreed. I like the policies and direction the party is heading, I just think they need someone to articulate that direction better to Canadian voters. In 6 months when the gravity of our financial and environmental situation becomes more apparent to the average Canadian, hopefully the liberals will be able to better explain their proposed solutions to the problems we face.

Then possible supporters will see the benefit to a strong and well funded opposition to the CPC free market policies.

Ti-Guy said...

The NDP is no longer a "principled" party. It's New Labour without the "new," filled with dessicated hippie holdovers and young counter-culture feebs.

Gayle said...

TG - I suggest they lost any claim to being principled when they partnered up with Harper, united by their joint request to destory the LPC.

That is why I do not take Spector seriously. It is in the CPC's interest to prop up the NDP.

Ti-Guy said...

I don't take Spector or any of the pundits seriously. We're led to believe that their network of contacts is what informs their insight and make it valuable to the rest of us, but if that's the case, then either all the people who are important in Canada are now completely out-of-touch or they're bullshitting each other as much as they are the rest of us.

Never have so many important people been so wrong for so long about so many important things, and at this juncture they have no credibility left.

Tootrusting said...

The Liberal party has to find its grass roots and listen.

I contribute on a monthly plan, in exchange I receive a weekly email telling me how wonderful they are and a annoying request for more more money

I nearly forgot, a nice Christmas card.

Nothing from the local riding associations during the last election (they both lost winnable seats) except one flyer in the mail.

I'm not a party member but would have expected some sign of communication between the local and national offices and some attempt at communication.

I donate because they have the best chances of defeating Harper and generally agree with the policy direction, and although I'm prime material to be recruited and take up a membership I have no intention of doing so until I see serious signs of them getting their act together.
Hopefully real soon.

Gayle said...

Interesting. I am also not a member of the party, but donate monthly.

The last email I received seeking money was just when all these stupid senior liberals were bashing Dion and trying to force him to quit. I replied to that email suggesting they will not get more money from me until they get those idiots to shut up.

A week later I got a reply thanking me for my input, and that the party appreciates and listens to the policy ideas from people like me. It was quite apparent they did not read my email, which is bad enough (though I understand they cannot respond to them all), but it was pretty stupid to send a form letter back to make it obvious that despite their claim to listen to people like me, they are not actually listening at all.

Paul S said...

Isn't part of the Liberal's fundraising difficulties that people donating to the left have three parties to choose from nowadays?

Should the Libs be pursuing a merge the left strategy to increase their revenues?