Thursday, October 30, 2008

Harper On Newly Moderate CHRC

...the PM assures [Brian Lilley] that Canada has expressed its concerns to the Afghanistan government at the “highest level”...and then notes that the human rights commission issue involves a delicate balance; the most “egregious” cases are before provincial commissions, so he can’t comment on those examples, but he thinks the Canadian Human Rights Commission may be moderating its actions.

Well, this is not the exact wording but a summary by Kadey O'Malley. Nevertheless, I bet some people out there named "Ezra" are crapping themselves. Cuz it sounds like our PM is primed for inaction on this particular issue.

Another hint along the same lines comes from Stephen Taylor's response to Shaidle, in which he argues that HRCs are doing a good job "self-discrediting". Presumably this is in advance of their spontaneously disbanding.

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Ti-Guy said...

La Shaidle:

Why not just repeatedly violate the hell out of 13a, toss it out the back of an unmarked white van and leave it in a muddy drainage ditch to die?

That woman has had some really freaky sex in her life, I suspect.

Anyway, go for it, you weird little stoat. The fact that the speechies always end up libelling everyone in each other's defense is providing the rest of us with more amusement than I ever thought this dreary complaints process was ever capable of.