Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Great Sound And Fury, Signifying Nothing?

The campaign, I mean.

When did you decide which party to vote for?
On election day 15%
After the leaders debates 12%
Before the leaders debates 15%
Before the campaign began 54%

Here is the complete poll. I'd be interested in knowing what the party breakdown was for voters who made their minds up before the campaign began, vs. those who made their minds up during its course. I don't think you can derive that from the numbers given here, but its early and I still need to coffee up.


Ti-Guy said...

Wake me when the Singularity arrives. At that point, this technocrat crap-ola will get interesting again.

Ann D said...

It would be interesting if they added another category or two:

- 1 or more campaigns ago (for people who have been party members for quite some time)
- at birth (for people who inherited a party affiliation)

Ann D

crf said...

I was polled, and was asked my age, income and education level. Why don't polling firms publicly release voting intentions based on those numbers as well? It might be interesting.