Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hey Look! I've Found The Tory Election Platform!

Stephen Taylor, co-owner of the Blogging Tories, Conservative Party pundit and conduit into the soul the modern Canadian Conservative movement, lets slip. The Tories are Pro pukey-Yellow on government websites, and they're willing to stand or fall on that issue! No more fetal rights! No more dismantling the Canadian Wheat Board! No more getting entangled in foreign wars! No more cutting taxes! Their move to the center is complete!

Remember, what Stephen says on Tues., Harper repeats on Weds.

(PS. Rumor has it that Harper's platform will also include a total ban of ferret ownership. These guys are so bold!)


Auntie Liberal said...

Maybe he should ban handguns. Or plastic water bottles. Or pit bulls. Or outdoor clothes lines.

Oh wait, Liberals have already done those things.

Ti-Guy said...

Stephen Taylor's deranged. I wish LibLogs would band together and get him; the shock just might bring him back to rationality.

Look what he wrote in relation to Elections Canada to support some paranoid internet wingnut fixture:

I meant by definition they [Elections Canada] are separate and independent of interference, perhaps not in practice.

Go blow yer pal Kory, you anti-democratic propagandist.

seaninsaskatchewan said...

yes EC is sending subliminal messages to the millions of Canadians who visit their website, especially those in the 4 by-election ridings....those sneaky bastards!

when did Conservatives become such vocal conspiracy theorists? I thought that was the job of us leftards?

Ti-Guy said...

when did Conservatives become such vocal conspiracy theorists?

Well they would know about actual conspiracy theory; when real conspiracies come to light, it's usually as a result of their activities.

What is the In-and-Out scandal, other than a conspiracy?

Saskboy said...

Something I was meaning to follow up on, but didn't was when the Conservatives (can't remember who right now) suggested that the Liberals were disrespecting a government institution that is "respected around the world". I guess the whole Election Canada slander kind of slipped their mind.