Sunday, August 31, 2008

Don't Make Me Learn Twitter

Because I'm getting too old for these stupid computer toys. This one is about sharing the most pathetic details of your pathetic lives in teeny tiny blog posts. Here's Blogging Tory Stephen Tayler on twitter. He's twittered extensively for the past several days and apparently hasn't jacked off once, or at least hasn't made note of the fact. I've read some of the twitter posts from a few of his "followers". Some are even more obsessive than Steve--"3:47 PM. Sneezed again."--but none of them has mentioned jacking off either.

So do Conservatives never jack off? Or is Twitter simply a Masturbation free zone, like Conservapedia? Or perhaps the weird gaps in some of their twitter blogs mark those spots where they put down their blackberry's to give it a quick wank? Weird. None of these gaps is more than 3 minutes long.


Ti-Guy said...

You're so vulgar.

Anyway, these little tweets certainly provide an interesting, fine-grained examination of their states of mind that reveals the exact nature of the trivial nonsense that is cobbled together to form the grand nonsense one finds in their more fully-formed commentary.

Well, not interesting, exactly...revealing, at any rate.


"Hmm, soft toilet paper. With Aloe! 6:17 PM from TwitterToilet."

Alison said...

Just the list of labels on this post alone is worth the price of admission.

Oh look :
"Soft burrito. With cheese. 9:24PM"

Maria said...

Using twitter is so easy anybody can use it.

Maria[black suit]