Thursday, August 28, 2008


One of the few petitions I would happily sign

We demand that the Canadian government immediately disclose other food processing plants in Canada that have are currently being used as test-plants for this new system of food inspection."

...using my own name, for reasons both pure and shit-disturbing.

Curse You, Stephen Harper!
You Stole My Corn Beef

PS. Anyone wondering about drawing a direct line between the Harper Gov. and this outbreak, well here it is: Maple Leaf foods served as a testing ground for the Tories new "Leave It Out And Let The Free Market Decide If Its Rancid" inspection regime.


Auntie Liberal said...

You are yet again showing an appalling lack of understanding about the process involved here.

Mushroom said...

There is now Zoomgate.

It is Stephen Harper's fault that Canadian passengers are stuck in Glasgow International with no means to return home or have their vacations ruin.