Saturday, August 30, 2008

Abortion Brings Out The Weird In Michael Coren

Stephen Harper has been told by his advisers that he must avoid social issues if he is to win the election and, horror, unborn children were mentioned twice in the past seven days.

Pesky little things. Why can't they just agree to being slaughtered and stop muddying the waters of Canadian politics...

Have unborn children actually expressed an opinion on this?


deBeauxOs said...

You say weird.

I say wacko.

Greg said...

Crack ... Pot.


Why do you read that guy anyway? My blood pressure is already too high and teh stupidity would just make it worse.

Ti-Guy said...

Coren: Troll elevated to pundit.

I hope he calls someone fat again and gets fired. Or maybe he can recommend millions of post-born people be annihilated in a nuclear attack.

skdadl said...

Have unborn children actually expressed an opinion on this?

Yes. Go over to Alison's place at Creekside and look for her series called Emma the Embryo. Emma phones her work in -- ok, let me rephrase that: Emma phones her work out, from the womb. And yes, she has firm opinions on the fetishists.

Raphael Alexander said...

Coren is against abortion but has no problem nuking Iran.

Resolve : Coren's seeming inability to understand irony.