Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Forty More Years! Calgary Herald Bungles Election Poll Report!

Progressive Conservatives (49%) Hold Huge Lead Over Liberals (28%), NDP (14%), Wildrose Alliance (5%) and Greens (4%)

Only Three-in-Ten (28%) Voters Feel Good About Their Choice
Progressive Conservative Support Also Most Firm

Call this one over.

Most interesting thing is that it looks like the Calgary Herald messed-up:

An Ipsos Reid survey of 804 Albertans, conducted for Global TV, found 39 per cent of respondents across the province support the Progressive Conservatives, compared to 22 per cent for the Liberals and 11 per cent for the NDP.

It is clearly the same poll, taken over the same time-frame (Feb. 14 to Feb 17) with the same number of respondents. Ah but who cares? CanWest has never been about decent journalism.

Update: Josh in the comments has figured out the reason for the discrepancy. CanWest still sucks, but for independent reasons.


Ed Hollett said...

this is the same survey.

The higher numbers are with vote choices as percentage of decided voters, assuming a 21% undecided.

If you work it out, the voter choice number in the newspaper version is the percentage of total.

The only problem is that the undecided in both should be 21%.

wilson said...

When Dion trotted around Alberta, trying to sell his NEP2,
he pretty much blew it for another generation of Liberals here.
Throwing around thoughtless, downgrading and insulting phrases about Alberta's 'easy money''being a cash cow' topped off what will be a big NO to Liberals, fed or prov.
Just like Libs were higher in the polls with no leader,
Libs do better when they don't visit us.

Ti-Guy said...

How unsurprising that Wilson is an Albertan.

Does Athabasca U. have a practicum component for its Trolling 104 course?

Ti-Guy said...

...AND, shouldn't she have finished it by now?

andrew said...

Slightly OT, (and who cares about the Alberta election?)

On the federal scene the NDP came out hard against Dion, NDP Finance critic Mulcair "ridiculed Dion for showing "incredible weakness" in giving indications earlier this week that his party might abstain from the budget vote, despite "boasting" in a Liberal pamphlet sent around the Ottawa area this week that the party was a "strong and principled alternative" to the Tories."

Why is it that all the parties in Parliament are ready for an election except the one which, as the goverment-in-waiting, has the most to gain, the Liberals?

Answer: because they know they'll get killed in an election campaign led by Dion.

BTW Dion wants to go, it's his party that doesn't.

Ti-Guy said...

Answer: because they know they'll get killed in an election campaign led by Dion.

Oh, Alice...

bigcitylib said...


We don't like to visit you. For example, the streets in Calgary only go one way.

liberal supporter said...

I, like many Liberals, am quite distressed by the on-again, off-again election rhetoric by Mr. Dion. (See A BCer in Toronto and Scott Tribe.) I think, like they do that we should pull the plug. But FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, IF YOU AIN'T GOING TO DO IT SHUT UP ABOUT IT ALREADY.

I feel better already getting that one off my chest.

Anonymous said...

Mulcair is full of self loving hot air.
I hope he enjoys his brief time in the spot light as when the jewish vote comes out in Outremont, bye bye M. mulcair.