Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Upside Of Floorcrossing

Let them prosecute this dirty Tory to the full extent of the law!



The Grumpy Voter said...

Scandal? I doubt that very much. But it does beg a question: if KHAAAAN! was a Liberal during the last election when this "scandal" happened, then does it not taint the Liberals as much as the Tories. Oh, who am I kidding... nobody but political junkies gives a rats ass about this.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! I ain't sure it's just us wonks who's gonna sit up an' take notice. King Steve said a lotta good things about his man in the mideast an' if Khan is convicted, he could do jail time. The public eats up stories of the mighty fallin' on their stoopidass faces.

Yeah, I reckon it'll taint the Grits, too. It'll taint all politicians. It'll taint Parliament. It'll cause disenchanted would-be voters to stay away from the polls.

The penalties fer destroyin' Canajuns' faith in democracy ain't nearly harsh enough, sez I.


Ti-Guy said...

then does it not taint the Liberals as much as the Tories.

Well did the Liberals know about his perfidy? There were certainly indications that the Conservatives knew when Harper started wooing him before he even crossed the don't embrace people who don't seem to provide a very good explanation as to why they're breaking ranks. But I'll be generous and suggest that Conservatives just aren't very good judges of character, especially when they're caught up in the process of finding a token Muslim to provide that collection of bigots a cover of cultural tolerance.

If we Liberals assumed responsibility for Stronach and Turner, the Conservatives have to do the same with Khaaaaan!

Blogging Horse said...

Hmmm. You might want to stash the ballons and bubbly.

If memory serves, Khan was running as a loyal Liberal candidate at the time that the alleged impropriety took place.

It won't be Conservative organizers who are called to the stand. It will be Liberals . . . again.

Ti-Guy said...

Good God, Dead Horse, you're as stupid as your blog is. Do you think anyone here isn't aware that all this occurred when Khan ran as a Liberal?

Your head was probably so ready to pop with anti-Liberal rage that you probably didn't read the post, or the comments.

You are one dumb, angry Dipper, and the type who'll make sure I never vote NDP ever again.

bigcitylib said...

I wonder if we'd ever have heard of this if he HADN'T crossed. Ah well, the Tories took him and he's there problem now.

Reality Bites said...

I really think this will taint Khan more than the parties he's infested. Nice thing is he has no chance of re-election and getting an MP pension.

Anonymous said...

"The public eats up stories of the mighty fallin' on their stoopidass faces."

Who Khan? Nobody cares what Harper said about Khan back in the day. Of all the stuff Harper's said in the past do you think people will be most outraged about what Harper said about a backbench MP who crossed the floor and apparently may have overspent his campaign limit by $30,000? Go ahead, remind us time and again.

The Grumpy Voter said...

It's the festive season. Voters are far more interested in shopping, drinking egg nog and taking the kids around the neighborhood to see the Christmas lights than, ugh... politics. Somehow I don't think KHAAAAN!! will be back in the Tory caucus even if he is cleared of charges.

Raphael Alexander said...

Khan you really call a floor-crosser a Tory?

Anonymous said...

When did he break the rules? When he was a Liberal?