Saturday, December 23, 2006

We've Got 'Em Surrounded...Again!

...according to this piece:

HOWZ-E MADAD, Afghanistan - There is no place to hide, and nowhere to run for the 700 to 900 Taliban insurgents now squeezed into a box near here by NATO forces.

Except that exactly the same claim was made during September's Operation Medusa, until it was discovered that:

While NATO has claimed that 700 Taliban are trapped [around Panjwaii] , locals say there is an easy escape route to the west that has gone unguarded by Canadian and Afghan troops, allowing insurgents to resupply.

Operation Medusa fizzled out. Expect Operation Baaz Tsuka to end the same way, since already reports are coming in that the Taliban, warned well in advance, "moved elsewhere" before NATO arrived.

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