Tuesday, December 05, 2006

More on Dion as French Double Agent

...I mean "dual citizen". Whoopsie!

As everyone probably knows by now, Stephane Dion is a French/Canadian dual citizen due to the fact that:

Mr. Dion's mother, Denyse, was a real-estate agent. Born in Paris, she gave her children their dual citizenship; Léon Dion would joke he was the only one in the household to be solely Canadian.

Over at the Ezra Levant's Western Standard, they are hashing out the implications. My favorite nutty bit of speculation is that Dion has not spoken re. the Rwandan genocide because he is covering up French involvement.

And then there's your standard issue Bigotry, served straight up:

...it seems that Dion is totally unaware of the optics of being a member of French speaking minority in a predominantly English speaking country holding public office who on one hand pretends to be staunch Canadian federalist and on the other holds citizenship of France.

Of course the fact that Ted Morton, who nearly became leader of the Alberta Conservative party, is a dual Canadian/U.S. citizen gets quickly glossed over.

Johnson wrote that patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. What does this make people like Ezra and his fans, who are willing to stoop so low as to use it as the first move in their political play book?

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Anonymous said...

I'm seeing quite of few of the perennial nutbags over at that cess-pool....maz2, johan i kanada, Rémi Houle...

Like flies to shit. Someone really should look into whether Ezra has coprophilic tendencies.

I can't bear to follow the way these people argue anymore. They bring up unrelated events and assert that this is evidence to support the underlying premise; that Dion's dual citizenship is a necessary indicator of disloyalty, when there is, in fact, no evidence of that at all.

Stupid, bigoted and dishonest. Ezra Levant is a cancer in public discourse.