Thursday, November 30, 2006

Warren Kinsella, Poised to Denounce Liberal Youth?

Apparently, Kinsella's on a train to the convention, and he's sitting near some drunken young Liberals who've been cracking jokes about hookers, "retards", Italians, and penis sizes. Looks like he's set to Denounce when he gets reaches Montreal. He's done this kind of thing before with young Liberals, and the result is never nice. I can just imagine his next column: "reptilian", "evil"...every bad word Kinsella can summon.

Yo drunken young liberals, if you're reading this on one of your fancy PDA's, watch out for a mean looking bald guy! Also, settle down, if you're this pissed now you'll be asleep by dinner-time.


Anonymous said...

slip warren some warfren.The man represents everything that should be purged from the LPC.

20yearoldTory said...

Hey Warren may represent a lot that is wrong with the LPC, but the youth represents a lot more. They have way too much power in the party, and they are an embarrassment to Liberals everywhere. Time to eliminate the youth wing like the Tories had good enough sense to do.

Anonymous said...

I was on the train sitting beside the people Warren Kinsella was blogging about. He was ahead of them on the train and took the conversation out of context. The "retards" comment - Swear to God - was in reference to Rick Mercer 's Talking to Americans. Apparently the scene is Mercer talking to an American Prof? and Mercer said that he wanted the prof advice on what to do about Canadians who are retards. I don't know if that the conversation the gentleman was repeating was the exact verbatim of what Mercer said. The point that I have - as I was SITTING BESIDE them - was that the comments of retards ( I personally I hate that word), Italians and hookers and strippers were all part of a conversation that was taken out of context. I suppose if it was repeated in context it would not be as interesting for Mr. Kinsella to blog. I suppose if it was blogged correctly and the conversation clarified -it would have been responsible journalism. By the way they were not liberal youth - no one was under 40 - but why get the facts right Warren . Gosh darn that ugly responsible journalism thing it is sooo much trouble.