Thursday, November 30, 2006

Send Me Your "I'm Liberal" Thong Shots

From The Nat. Post:

Liberals are selling an eclectic mix of sex and serious Liberal history at their merchandise table.

Among the dusty old propaganda posters bragging about Liberal solidarity with the working man is a stack of dainty black thong underwear with a blazing red logo saying, "I'm Liberal."

"These are the things are really the hot seller right now," said Michelle Paquette, the Liberal party's operations manager, holding up the black cotton number.

Snap a thong shot of any Liberal Leadership Candidate on your digital and YOU COULD WIN MONEY!

Iggy in a thong is the big prize. Send me a .jpeg of him and I will mail you $5.00 in change, and any of those old pesos left over from my Mexico trip. Plus your name will be associated forever with one of the biggest scandals in Party history (I hope).

Kennedy in a thong is the next big catch, because he's so damn sexxxy. Send me a shot of him and you will get a brand new Canadian twonie, plus any Canadian Tire money I can find.

Any other candidate in a thong will be worth $1.00 plus an "antique" TTC token.

Though not a candidate, a thong shot of Belinda gets you a $10, $11.50 if she's a blonde again, $12.00 if she's dancing on a hotel bed, and $14.37 if you can prove its your hotel bed.

Send your prize winning thong pictures to


Anonymous said...

Here ya go!

Anonymous said...

Damn long links
Here ya go!

Anonymous said...

Belinda wasn't the only liberal dancing on hotel beds. My longtime "friend" who I accompanied to the convention went out to "vote" friday evening and although she made it back to the hotel alright she must have had a little too much of the free, cheap wine because she ended up in the wrong room, in the wrong bed!
It was her first convention and I guess she must have known that liberals go to get laid so didn't want to let the party down.
This inciddent has now started in motion a chain of events that will ultimately reflect very poorly on her and her riding.
But on the up side the sex was apparently great and she did get a free scarf!