Monday, November 27, 2006

BigCityLib News Flash: Will Iggy Oppose Quebec Resolution?

Difficult to say. There's certainly nothing in the MSM to indicate that he's having second thoughts. There is, however, this posting from "Mikey" Ignatieff (number 403) on Warren Kinsella's petition against recognizing Quebec as a nation:

I'm not sure ...

An identity thief, posing as Iggy? Or the man himself wracked by a bout of Nuance? Only time will give an answer.

As for the petition itself, it has stalled at about 440 signatories, including Heywood Jablome. No dead rock stars, Galactus has not bothered to drop by and, perhaps most tellingly, the ghost of Pierre Elliot Trudeau has remained conspicuously silent.

Once again, the URL of the petition is here. I mean, Kinsella has already paid for the bandwidth. Somebody might as well use it.

1 comment:

dirk said...

Is WK's petition for real.(eyeball roll)
But then should we be surprised Kinsella's logic never fails to get me scratching my head...