Saturday, November 18, 2006

BigCityLib Exclusive: Christians Lie!

...or at least severely mislead. Judi McLeod of CFP claimed yesterday that the Toronto, Ontario, and Federal government were "funding" the teen lesbian sex manual The Little Black Book For Girlz to the tune of almost $8,000,000. But a quick visit to the publisher's (St. Stephen's Community House) website , and a quick flip through their 2006 annual report, refutes this contention. For example, the $1,543,108 figure McLeod quotes as the federal government portion of the book's production costs is really their contribution to the total operating budge of St. Stephen's. And similarly for the city and Provincial governments.

Will Judi McLeod burn in Hell for this?

In any case, there still seems plenty of room for Conservative outrage. Should Stephen Harper's Conservatives be funding an "agency" that promotes the "homosexual agenda" while hiding under a vaguely Christian sounding name? Shouldn't Harper be calling in air-strikes instead?

While a few in the right-wing blogosphere have written about this issue, including Suzanne from BigBlueWave, none make the explicit connection between the book and the Harper government.
Is a Christian coverup in the making? Is there a sex scandal brewing in the RightWing Blogosphere? Inquiring minds want to know.


Anonymous said...

Maybe we don't make the connection because the government has only been in power for nine months.

The notion that we're trying to "cover up" for the Harper government is ridiculous. At least as far as the so-cons go.

I'd welcome information on which branch of the federal government funded this book.

You've piqued my interest, BigCityLib. I may very well do research and find out which Minister we should lobby to stop funding this kind of junk.

Anonymous said...

I may very well do research and find out which Minister we should lobby to stop funding this kind of junk.

Ooooh...a threat. I smell a blogburst. Let's hope SUZANNE at least knows the difference between operating and project budgeting.

bigcitylib said...


It first appeared on the Industry Canada website.

Go get 'em all, sister!

Anonymous said...

She might get overwhelmed. After all, Lifesite and the Institute for Canadian Values, the ones who are taking up this grand cause are really just the same three people with 400 web sites who get exercised about this kind of stuff all the time. They really can only do so much, and I believe everyone's already aware of their swarming and astro-turf campaigns.