Thursday, July 27, 2006

Clinton's Birthday in TO!

The Lifesite reports (with some consternation) that Bill Clinton is planning to celebrate his 60th in old TO. Tables will cost between $25,000 and $200,000.

Dunno if I can afford that, but I'd love to meet my main man Bubba and swap tips re. putting the moves on good looking women. He's completely different from your typical right wing Pol, who couldn't pick up chicks on a radar screen.

And notice how he won every War he fought? Conservatives seem to like Wars, but they're not very good at them. Clinton's tough yet compassionate, and he scores heavy with the babes.

Oh Stephen Harper, how utterly you fail to be a man!


Anonymous said...

You're getting hard up in your conservative bashing BCL. I guess the fact that Bubba cheated on his wife doesn't register on your radar screen.
What's a little adultery for a cool, hip babe scoring liberal. Your maybe you prefer the Ted Kennedy style of man: boink 'em, drown 'em, call the police the next morning.

bigcitylib said...

You trolling my Blog again, Harper? You know I've warned you about that. Go back where you came from, dickless wonder.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"And notice how he won every War he fought?"

*Ahem* How so? And I kind of liked Clinton, met him once, very personable, smart guy. Didn't like all of his politics, but that doesn't make him a bad guy.

I liked what he did in Kosovo, at least he had the guts to move NATO in when the UN was once again demonstrating how toothless it was.

But his wimpy approach to going after Bin Laden was, to say the least, not the finest hour of the US. And some argue that his gutting of the US intelligence community set the stage for 9/11.


Anonymous said...

Had Clinton had any balls at all (I know, not something liberals are known for), he'd have killed Bin Laden long before 9/11 was planned.

Why didn't he? Oh, because France and Russia and other lame diplomats at the UN wouldn't have been pleased.

Yeah, happy 50th Bill.

bigcitylib said...

It isn't surprising that a Republican administration would blame their Dem. predecessors for something that occured on their own watch. The other alternative would be to accept responsibility, wouldn't it?

And Kosovo was a deal with the UN and other bodies to get a multi-national force going without appearing to have UN sanction. Diplomatically messy, but it worked fine.

Anonymous said...

The fact is that Republicans always have to clean up Democrat messes -
Truman: Korea
JFK/LBJ: Vietnam
Carter: SALT, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, a truly disastrous Presidency
Clinton: OBL, North Korea, Somalia

Anonymous said...

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